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Unity Network Presents

EveCom -
Everyone's Invited!

EveCom is currently being developed to become a next generation event ticketing system.

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A ticketing system from the future..

EveCom enables you to create your own unique NFT tickets for any event you're hosting: birthday parties, bbq’s, bachelor parties, weddings and much more.

Analytics Dashboard
Fast and secure transactions
Web3 technology

More than a typical NFT marketplace

EveCom is pushing the limits of traditional ticketing systems.

Mint & Earn

Design, mint and promote your own Non-Fungible Tickets with EveCom’s advanced NFT ticketing creative studio.

Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of sales and manage your own events through EveCom's advanced web3 management dashboard.


Verify tickets with your own cell phone on admission. Scan attendees web3 QR code to verify the tickets authenticity.


The tickets are only valid with the wallet they were bought from, which removes the pain ticketing companies face with scalpers, scammers and profit seekers.

Power to the people!

Fully integrated with web3, EveCom will serve everyone's needs while providing a transparent open ticketing system for all events, physical or virtual - worldwide.

EveCom is powered by the Unity Network Token (UNT).
Advanced features, discount prices and special perks are integrated into the EveCom's ticketing system for UNT holders.

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EveCom is in development, features are currently being tested and new tech is being implemented. Unity Network aim to launch a fully functional public beta in Q4 2022. After scope of work is created from test data, a clear roadmap for development, marketing and full official launch will unfold.

Q4 2022


Launch of EveCom MVP, testing the waters and developing infrastructure.

Q1 2023

Beta release

Launch of EveCom Web3 Beta, testing and audit.

Q1 2023

Official launch

Full official launch of EveCom, with fireworks and cake!

Q2 2023

upgrade and integration

Perfection means that something is constantly being developed and improved.
Unity Network takes this seriously in the pursuit of perfection.

Our mission

Unity Network empowers users of all backgrounds, and levels of technical ability to take advantage of this new generation of financial technology through education, strategic partnerships, and a design philosophy that revolves around ease-of-use, clarity, and a top-notch user experience.

As blockchain technology rapidly becomes more integrated with our financial lives, we believe no one should be left behind.

Our story

Unity Network is a next-generation fintech company. We leverage blockchain technology to build fast, easy-to-use decentralized applications (dApps).
But are we just another fintech company creating websites and dApps?
We aren’t..

Unity Network offer access to our dApps in return for a fee, and aims to develop innovative and scalable approaches to solving any use case.

The traditional ticketing system lack imagination and transparency.
EveCom is changing that with its integrated web3 technology and a user centric design philosophy. You got the power to fully create, sell and manage your own events through our advanced event management dashboard.

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