Last updated: July 30, 2022

EveCom's goal is to be a safe and reliable collection of worldwide blockchain events

Unity Network and does NOT own the graphics or information of the listed events. is created and developed for the purpose of providing a list of the biggest events, summits and virtual gatherings in blockchain.

Graphical assets and information on Unity Network's is collected from the events websites.

Some graphics are licensed for commercial use. Kindly verify the license below.

Artificial Intelligence

Unity Network uses A.I to assist with tasks, enhance our work and automate processes. Our dApps utilize the suite of GPT-3’s diverse capabilities.

Pexels photos

Unity Network use some photos are from Pexels and can be downloaded and used for free. No attribution required. See Pexels licence page.


The icons used in the template are Google Icons.


The font used is from Google Fonts library.


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